Marissa Hermer is a businesswoman who is running a family business. She is an expert in Luxury Public relation. Her family business is The Ignite Group, which deals with entertainment, food and beverage industries located in London.

She was born on 1981, December 30. Her birth place is California. She is 34 years of age.

The estimated net worth of Marissa Hermer is about $20 million dollars. This was a rough estimate for the year 2015. She was born in Laguna Beach but raised in New Port Beach in California. She is a reality television personality.

She went to Middlebury College situated in Vermont She did her majors in public relations. After her graduation, she shifted to London to pursue a career in public relations, later returned to United States where she settled in the New York City.

During her tenure in New York, she got opportunity to work with a number of famous brands, Nadine Johnson, Syndicate Media Group and so on. In Media Group she served as an expert in luxury public relations.

During her employment in Syndicate Media Group, she has launched a variety of products which included in the categories of luxury, fashion, restaurant as well as brands used in nightlife.

She got married to Matt Hermer who was her friend from London. They both got married in the year 2010.

The couple has two children. Two children were named Max and Jake. Currently they live in London and now looking after the family business named Ignite Group. The Ignite Group looks after various night clubs which also includes Boujis.

The admission to night clubs of Boujis is restricted only to those special people who have either won a Grammy or Oscar Award; else the person should have royalty.

She is also one amongst the cast of Ladies of London which was a reality series. This reality series portrays the life of highly successful woman and their family in London.

Recently, Marissa Hermer, besides her family business she has also opened another business venture, entitled, Top Dog. Her business includes the customized menu for fries, shakes as well as hot dogs. You can find many American Flavours in it, American flavour in London.

The brand is becoming very popular amongst the people of London and there is not doubt that the brand will definitely have a big name in the near future. Let us wait and watch the success.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Marissa Hermer

Date of birth: December 30, 1981

Birth place: California

Age: 38 Years

Profession: Business woman, TV personality

Height:  Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: $20 million dollars