Inherited the company of her husband Eric Wright, who was a legend in the field of rap in 1995. Her husband passed away untimely because of AIDS. The company was formed way back in 1987 and since then was one of the prime labels in hip-hop and rap.

N.W.A. which comprises of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, M.C.Ren and Eazy-E were with this label. Along with this Bone, Above The Law,Jimmie Z., Yamo & Maulkie, Kid Frost, D.O.C., Thugs’n’ harmony, J.J. Fad, Black Eyed Peas,Michel’le and more are associated with this successful label. No one has yet revealed the actual net worth of Tomica, but definitely, she has millions of dollars.

Early life

Tomica Woods was born in California, United States on 7th December 1969. With a White American ethnicity, she holds American nationality. She got into Santa Monica and enrolled in the West L.A. Community college. The Sagittarian wanted to become a successful film producer and get extreme recognition.

She got a job in the capacity of a secretary for Tabu Records which was founded by Clarence Avant. Later Avant received an offer from Motown Records in 1993 to join the company as chairman. This time Avant took Tomica along with him to be a part of his new assignment. Life was rolling she came in touch with Eazy-E and got close to the top rapper-producer. They live together for four years before their relation gets into the bonding. The bonding doesn’t last long. Adding to the pain the rapper her ex-husband died an untimely death leaving a huge wealth and responsibility behind him.


Tomica has to face up the challenge to keep up the company after the expiry of her husband with some repute. There were many who wanted some portion of the business, but Tomica convinced all that she had the ability to take over the label successfully. Hence Ruthless Records was again back in its own rhythm.

In 1997 she made an agreement with Epic and Sony for the distribution. “A Decade Game ,“ was released on the 10th anniversary of the compilation. She wanted some new talents. She signed a contract with actors as Chris Tucker, N.X., Big Chan, Bluelight and Big Roce.

Before she gets hold of the company Ruthless, she had to face a massive opposition from many. Tomica was not the lone companion for the rapper which is quite normal with the lifestyle and success rate of the founder. Other than Tomica, Eazy-E had six other girl-friend, they were all close to the founder in some of his life before she got in there.

The does not end here. The business was running successfully, and there must be some more contestants for Tomica. Two former partners were in the fray.  But learning from the reality, she knows how to tackle business and took over as the new head of the label.

Clarence Avant was viewed as a mentor by Tomica, but in case of the real intricacies of the business, she learned from her husband. She does not belong to a well to do family background and has an indomitable spirit as far as business is concerned. On the death of Eazy-E court-appointed Ernie Singleton as the executive to run the company when her sole proprietorship got into arguments.

She expressed to BRE Magazine that she was indirectly helping Eric for the affairs of the company. She also placed a notice to Avant when Eric got into the hospital that she would resign the post and take the post of general manager in Ruthless. But slowly the situation changed Tomica was offered the post of vice-president of A&R (Artist and Repertoire), and finally, she became the President.

Personal life

Very little or nothing is known about her early childhood. How she got into such illustrious life is really a mystery. Once Avant her mentor proudly expressed her to be from the streets. Tomica at her early age had a child as a single mother.

She got introduced to Eric Wright at a nightclub in Los Angeles in 1991. She was not aware of the rappers life. She expressed him to be down to earth. After some days they got into relation and spent four years. The couple got two children. Dominick the son and Daijah is their daughter.

She is very optimistic about Ruthless and said to Ivory that best hasn’t come yet. She expressed that she is just not doing on behalf of her husband but adding more to the founder’s vision.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tomica Woods-Wright

Date of Birth: 7th December 1969

Birth Place: California, United States of America

Age: 48 Years

Profession: Label and Film Producer

Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches / 162 cm

Weight: 57 Kg / 126 pounds

Net worth: N/A