Rick Harrison Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Rick Harrison Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Rick Harrison is a beloved american reality TV star and businessman. We see him almost every day as the star of the History Channel reality TV series, Pawn Stars.

His estimated net worth is around 8$ million and growing day-by-day.

Early life

Richard Kevin Harrison was born on March 22, 1965 in North Carolina. We have already met his father, Richard Bejamin Harrison, who appears regularly alongside Rick in Pawn Stars. Rick was born in a large family with two brothers and one sister, who died when she was only 6 years old.

When he was only in middle school, he suffered from brain seizures that often made him lye in his bed for days. He couldn’t play outside or hang out with his friends, so he read books day and night. During this time he was very influenced by the book The Great Brain by John D. Fitzgerald. The book tells a story about a boy who learns new ways to earn money.

Rick was also very interested in history and physics, and he still shows his love for history in the reality show through informing us about valuable objects that go through his shop.

When he was only 17, his girlfriend Kim got pregnant and Rick decided to get married. Even though she had a miscarriage, they stayed together and had two sons, Corey and Adam.

Business career

Rick and his father didn’t always have aspiration to run a pawn shop. His father’s first business was a real-estate business that failed and forced the whole family to move to Las Vegas. The second family business was the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, which is currently the subject of the Pawn Stars show.

The shop was initially intended for gamblers who came in and pawned their belongings so they can have at least some money left. Since the pawn shop is located in Las Vegas the business was doing more than fine.

In 2005 they had an income around of 700,000$ annually, which was more than good money. Rick used his knowledge in history and started paying attention to the things that were coming to his shop. Many objects were very valuable and rare.

Jewelry were, however, the most common objects in their shop and they didn’t complain. After all, jewelry brings a fair amount of money and it is always easy to sell it. The shop has been working since 1989 and it is now popular more than ever, and still the biggest amount of Rick’s income comes from his shop business.

Pawn Stars

Rick had an idea of making a reality TV show about his pawn shop for a long time, and he was trying to pitch the idea to the producers. His shop was once presented in the show Insomniac with Dave Attell and since then Rick fell in love with reality TV.

He finally got his chance in 2011 when the first episode of Pawn Stars aired on The History Channel. The show was something new and interesting, and the audience had a chance to look inside a pawn shop for the first time on TV.

The show follows Rick, as the main character, his son Corey and father Richard. Name Pawn Stars was intentionally used to attract audience’s attention.

Even though the format of the show is reality TV, the show actually offers a lot of useful information for the viewers and it is not only fun but also very educational. Rick’s great sense of humor and knowledge in history make the perfect combination.

Family’s income comes from the, show as well, and their shop attracts more visitors because of the great success of the Pawn Stars show.

Private life

Rick has two marriages behind him and two sons from his first marriage and one son from his second marriage. In 2013, Rick decided to settle down once again, and try his luck with Deanna Burditt.

His older son, Corey, works together with him in the shop, while his younger son, Adam, decided to become a plumber and not appear on the show.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Richard Kevin Harrison

Date of Birth: March 22, 1965

Birth Place: North Carolina, USA

Age: 51 years

Profession: Businessman, Reality TV star

Height: 1.82 m

Weight: 105 kg

Net worth: 8$ million


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