Born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States, Dave Marciano gained popularity owing to the popular reality show ‘Wicked Tuna’ on National Geographic channel.

Dave is well known as for his dynamic spirit and his eager attitude in the hit show.

He always dreamt of being a commercial fisherman and started early. He is the captain of the ship ‘Hard Merchandise’.

Dave Marciano was the first in his family to start fishing with no one being a fisherman is his family. Despite that, fishing is his passion.

Dave Marciano started fishing when he was nine years old when he moved with his family members near to the harbour.

This instigated in him the desire to fish and take it up as his profession.

Dave Marciano made a lot of money with fishing as early as his high school days. This is when he worked on a special, chartered vessel that was named Yankee Fleet.

After Dave completed his graduation, he worked tirelessly on the boat on a full time basis. It is then that he earned his license as a captain.

He later purchased his own boat and opened his own business.

During this time Dave was selected to be the star of the hit new fishing show.

Dave Marciano is married and is the father of three children. His wife is a massive fan of fishing as well.

His net worth is an astonishing 500 thousand dollars.

 Quick Summary: 

Full name: Dave Marciano

Date of birth:

Birth place: Ipswich, Massachusetts

Age: NA

Profession: Reality TV Star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 500 Thousand