Michael „Rooster“ McConaughey is a well known American businessman and a TV show star.

Early years

He was born on August 2, 1954 in Houston, USA. He has a brother Matthew who is a famous Hollywood Oscar winning actor and Rooster is a lot older than him, 16 years to be exact. He also has a  brother Patrick.

He got his knickname because he caused problems to his strict father so he often locked him up to the chicken coop for punishment. The neighbours started to call him Rooster because he was often there. The harsh discipline of his parents made him the strongest of the brothers, because he was the first son and they treated him more strict than others.

When he was 12 he ended up helping his father in doing very hard work in Texas oil fields. There he picked up his first knowledge about oil fields, oil pipes and everything else connected to that branch.

He started studying but never finished it. He enrolled to Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas, to become a wild life conservationist. After that he decided to study sociology  at he University of Texas. He didn’t stay long because he was not really  interested in schooling.

Career development

He was thirty years old when he earned his first million on buying and selling oil pipes and inventories for oil fields. He was a great gambler in business so he lost that amount in just twelve months. But it didn’t take him long to earn a lot more this time. Today he is a proud owner of a multimillion business and is still known for taking a lot of risks at  sealing deals and contracts.

He owns a DGM Supply which is a company involved in wholesale of construction and equipment for oil fields, mostly pipes, and is situated in Midland, Texas.

He is interested in a lot of business projects, so he invested into technologies, real estates, corn and even enternteinment ( since his brother is a movie actor and he himself acted and still acts in a reality TV show).

He and his best friend Gilliam started an investment firm “West Texas LTD” in 2007 and since than they have earned a lot of money by investing in good business ideas.

He also acted himself: in the Newton Boys in  1998, where his brother Mathew had one of the leading roles; and in Black Gold in 2008, which was a TV reality show about oil industry and everything connected to it.

He became publicly known after he entered a CNBC’s TV show called West Texas Investors Club, which went on air in 2015. In the first season he showed his desire for investing into new things so he invested  almost two million dollars in that period. The show is very popular and is still on air.

Personal life

His first marriage was to Marsha Smyth and with her he got his first son named Madison. He is now his right hand and takes care of their ranch.

He is still married to his second wife, Georgeanne (Hurt) McCounaghey, whom he got married with in 1984. They have two children together, Miller Lyte and Margarita.

Philantropic work

Mack, Jack & McConaughey , known as MJ&M, is a fundraising organization founded by his brother Mathew so he financially helps this worthy cause in helping children through schooling and helping communities to improve their budget for social purposes.

He also helps USA war veterans by employing them on his ranch.

Quick summary

Full name: Michael Patrick McConaughey

Date of Birth:  August 2, 1954

Birth Place: Houston, Texas, USA

Age: 63

Proffession: businessman, investor, TV star

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Net worth: $55 million