Tony Beets hails from Canada and is famous as a miner. He is also a famous personality in the reality television series. The estimated net worth of Tony Beets is about 15 million dollars.

He was born in Wijdenes which is located in Netherlands. He has been associated with his family business for a long time and later relocated to Canada for better fortunes. In Canada, he was associated with the construction company and has been a part of the same for the three long years. Later, Tony Beets has extended his interest to the mining field where he started from the Dawson City which is located in the Yukon Territory in the year 1984.

At present he is the owner of a mine. His own mine is entitled as Tamarack Mine.  He used to hire local teenage guys as his workers for the mine. The life associated with mine is very difficult and most to the people find it difficult to cope up with the extreme conditions prevailing there and they used to quit the job as miner. They will either quit the job or will be fired by Tony Beets.

Those people who were able to survive such tuff situations will be becoming an integral part of his team of miners as well as they will be considered as an integral part of Tony Beet’s family.

He is having four sons and all of them are associated with their family business of mining.

Recently he has become a part of the reality series termed as Gold Rush. This reality series was aired in the Discovery Channel in the year 2010.  From the year 2010, this series is up and running and has successfully crossed almost 60 episodes and has completed about 3 seasons. The show is now in the fourth season.

The Gold Rush has become one of the Channel’s highly rated programs and the entire show will be telecasting some of the greatest and dramatic episodes or life events which occur during the day to day life in the gold mine.

Tony Beets wife is also an important part of the series. His wife, Minnie is managing the entire paper work for the company as well the accounting. Tony Beets dreams of opening two mines which will be working simultaneous and both of which should be highly productive too.

The reality television series was known as Gold Rush Alaska, previously and this show is all about the determined and powerful men who have strong minds. These men are on their journey to Alaska gold mines or fields in search of gold. The first season of the Gold Rush was entitled as Gold Rush Alaska and it has featured about 6 men. The show was later renamed as Gold Rush in the next season.

The Tamarack Mine is one amongst the   most active and thriving mine located in the Klondike part besides this, Tony Beets also owns the Scrivener Creek, which he used to give for lease. The same was mined by the team of Parker in the season four of the Gold Rush episode. He has moved to Canada from his birth place about 25 years ago. He was the native of Holland.

Tony Beets has married Minnie Beets and the couple has two children, one daughter and one son who are Monica Beets and Kevin Beets.

Thus in a nutshell we can provide the details of Tony Beets business as he is running a business which has a profit of about thousands and thousands of dollars. The nickname for the mining tycoon, Mr. Beets is The Viking.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Tony Beets

Date of birth: 15 December 1959

Birth place:  Holland

Age: 57 Years

Profession: Miner

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: 15 million dollars