Jeremy Kyle is an English TV and radio presenter.

His estimated net worth is somewhere around 5$ million.

Early life

Jeremy Kyle was born on July 7, 1965 in Reading, Berkshire, England. He grew up in a pretty successful family. His father was an accountant and a personal secretary to the Queen. From an early age Jeremy was interested in history and fame never attracted him.

He attended the Reading Blue Coat School and later he got a degree from University of Surrey in Sociology and History.

Radio and TV career

Even though he was never in love with the media, Jeremy got into radio presenting accidentally. He worked as a life insurance salesman and simultaneously started presenting his work on the radio. He became a radio advertising salesman.

He proved to be a true talent for radio hosting and fell in love with working on the radio. He got a steady job on the BRMB station in Birmingham and hosted the Late & Live show. Jeremy also hosted the Jezza’s Jukebox.

In 2000 he started hosting Jezza’s Confessions and his first award by Sony came in 2001 for the show Late & Live. In 2002 he signed with the Virgin radio. By this time Jeremy was already a huge radio star and in 2007 his big breakthrough happened when he got his own show The Jeremy Kyle Show.

He welcomed lot of famous guests in his show and it was somewhat different concept than his previous one.

Jeremy tried to launch his TV career in 2005 with his show The Jeremy Kyle show and succeeded. The concept of the show is very similar to American TV shows like Jerry Springer, where, a bit odd and real, life situations are discussed.

Many call his show disgusting and unnecessary, but it seems like the audience has the last word. Besides his show, Jeremy appeared in several TV movies and TV series mostly playing smaller roles. His latest venture was presenting the Good Morning Britain in 2016.

Jeremy is also interesting in writing and he is currently working as a columnist at a women’s magazine. His column is called Jeremy Kyle Says… where he gives advice to readers on everyday problems just like he does on his show.

He published a book about social problems in Britain and gave recommendation on how to solve them. Most of his net worth comes from his very successful show but some of it is made by his guest appearances and speeches.

Personal life

Jeremy got married for the first time to Kirsty Rowley and the couple tied the knot pretty fast. They were married one year later and they have one daughter Harriet. The marriage didn’t last long and it ended supposedly because of Kyle’s gambling problems and addiction.

In 2002 he got married for the second time to Carla Germaine. The couple lasted until 2015 and they have three kids together, two daughters and a son. Just like last time, his wife filed for a divorce because of Jeremy’s reckless behavior.

It seems like he has more problems than people he hosts on the show, but he managed to keep them on the leash. In his autobiography he confessed that he has obsessive compulsive disorder and that this condition made him suffer a lot in his life but he tries to maintain his condition.

Even though he has his own two failed marriages, Jeremy often talks about family and how it should be preserved for the sake of younger generations. He often speaks about this in his public appearances and he often mentions it in his own show.

In 2012 Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent chemotherapy and improved his condition significantly. His show was off while Jeremy wasn’t around and as soon as he came out of the hospital he continued filming again.

He gets a lot of criticism for his show and the whole theme of the show. Many call it trashy and pointless but it has been around for 12 years and it seems like it will be around for a while longer.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jeremy Kyle

Date of Birth: July 7, 1965

Birth Place: Reading, Berkshire, England

Age: 52 years

Profession: TV and radio presenter

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 74 kg

Net worth: 5$ million